How Does Grease Buildup Impact Your Commercial Kitchen?

We all know that grease, grime, and food debris can quickly build up in commercial kitchens. But you may not realize the extent of the problems that grease buildup can cause over time if surfaces and equipment aren’t properly cleaned. Keep reading to learn how allowing grease buildup can negatively impact your commercial kitchen in more ways than you’d think.

Poor Hygiene and Food Safety Issues

When layers of hardened grease are allowed to accumulate on surfaces, it’s a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. This creates unsafe conditions for food prep. Additionally, thick grease attracts pests like roaches and rodents. To maintain proper food safety and hygiene standards in your kitchen, be sure you schedule regular deep cleaning services from professional kitchen equipment cleaning services.

Costly Equipment Damage and Repairs

Over time, built up grease residue can clog air vents, drains, valves, and motors on appliances like ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. This leads to overheating and poor performance. Grease and food debris can also attract pests that chew wires or piping, causing leaks, shorts, fires, or complete equipment failure. We recommend getting kitchen equipment cleaning services three times per year to help prevent extensive repairs or full replacement of expensive appliances.

Increased Risk of Plumbing Issues and Sewer Problems

Grease sticks to everything as it spatters during cooking. It coats pipes and drains, causing clogs that lead to messy, smelly water backups and potential health hazards. Commercial kitchens require powerful enzymes, dissolvers, and degreasers to keep plumbing and sewer systems clear of blockages before catastrophic failures happen, which can be extremely expensive.

Hazards for Employees

Layer upon layer of grease on kitchen floors causes slippery surfaces that put employee safety at risk. Built up grease residue on appliances and prep tools also poses a burn danger. Regular professional deep cleaning services improve traction and remove burn risks so your staff can operate safely in the kitchen.

As you can see, allowing grease buildup comes with an array of downsides for your kitchen’s equipment, plumbing, hygiene, and safety. Partnering with professional kitchen equipment cleaning services provides deep cleaning maintenance that clears away dangerous grease and debris. According to MarketWatch, the kitchen exhaust cleaning services market consists of both regular cleaning and one-time cleaning services. If you’re in need of cleaning for your kitchen equipment, reach out to GreaseBusters for assistance.

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