FAQ – Why GreaseBusters?

FAQ - Why Become a GreaseBuster?

NFPA 96 dictates how often different types of cooking operations must be cleaned by certified technicians.  Some jurisdictions will require more frequent cleanings, but NFPA 96 always provides the baseline.  Fire Marshals enforce NFPA 96 with inspections, and a restaurant will be shut down or required to get emergency service if they are not in compliance. Landlords and insurance companies have vested interests ensuring their tenants and clients are in NFPA 96 compliance and require proof of cleanings.  Also, all franchise agreements for food concepts require the franchisee to abide by all relevant fire codes. 

Yes, we award large exclusive territories.  Our program anticipates the owner scaling their operation to several cleaning crews.  Our large exclusive territories allow for significant growth. 

No. We’re looking for business minded people to develop their territory.  We want our owners to focus on sales, operations and customer service, and let the cleaning technicians do what they’re trained to do.

You can be up and running in 45 days.

No, but we’re pre-approved with the SBA. Many of our operators have taken advantage of the SBA Express loan. We can refer you to people who navigate the funding process. 

Yes. We have well-known concepts that want us to service multiple markets, but they only want to deal with a single corporate contact.  We call these Corporate Accounts. You have the right to all Corporate Accounts that are in your location.

No. GreaseBusters does not collect royalties.  This is a Dealership model and not a franchise. You keep your profits.

GreaseBeast is our patented degreaser that give us our competitive advantage.  GreaseBeast reduces labor time and is biodegradable in water. 

No. GreaseBeast is only sold to GreaseBusters offices. 

No. Our owners have diverse professional backgrounds. We have a business model in place.  You just have to follow it.

Yes. You’ll be trained and certified through our ISO accredited Unites States Academy of Kitchen Exhaust Specialists.

Yes. You get the complete backing and support. It’s simple – when YOU succeed We succeed. Our dedicated corporate team is with you for the life of your business. Equally significant is our exclusive network of GreaseBusters owners.

Yes. Hood cleaning is our core business, but customers often think of us as “the company that cleans stuff”. We’ll clean anything in the kitchen, or we can clean the entire kitchen.  We also provide services that ancillary to hood cleaning, such as access, panels, hinge kits and roof protection systems. The more services we provide, the more important we become.

The most successful GreaseBusters have strong operational and B2B sales skills. Plus, we want owners who are willing to follow a proven model. 


Visit www.greasebustersdealership.com for more information.


Locally owned offices provide direct and personal account management

ISO 900I:2015 certified – committed to continual quality and improvement

Specialized support of national accounts with centralized billing and invoicing

See us on Food Network and Spike TV shows – Restaurant Impossible, Bar Rescue, Health Inspectors!

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