What to Expect During Your Hood Cleaning Service

Range hoods are fixtures in today’s commercial kitchens. According to Allied Market Research, the global market for range hoods is expected to hit $37,646.2 million by 2030. After experiencing the benefits range hoods provide, you may fully understand why they are so popular. Of course, you still need to maintain that part of your kitchen properly. A range hood cleaning service can handle that job, and this article details what you can expect during that session.

An Inspection Takes Place Before Cleaning

First off, you should know that the cleaners won’t start scrubbing and sanitizing the moment they enter your kitchen. Jobs like this start with an inspection. The cleaners will closely examine your range hood and inspect it for potential damage. If that initial inspection turns up no issues, the cleaners can start preparing for cleaning.

Of course, there’s still a possibility that the cleaners do find issues with your range hood. In that case, they will let you know about the issues and ask how you wish to proceed. Depending on the severity of the issues, you may have to get the kitchen hood repaired or replaced before any cleaning is done.

Pieces of Safety Equipment Are Set Up

After the inspection, the range hood cleaning service will start installing safety equipment throughout your commercial kitchen. The items they install may include tarps and large plastic wraps. Setting up the safety equipment is necessary, and not just so the cleaners can start working. They also install those items to protect your other fixtures and appliances.

Different Items and Techniques May Be Used for Cleaning

As you can imagine, a piece of kitchen equipment that has to deal with grease and fumes can get pretty nasty. That’s why cleaning a range hood can take a lot of time. The cleaners may also have to use different items and techniques to get the job done.

Examples of items that may be used for heavy-duty cleaning include enzyme cleaners, degreasers, and other chemicals. Scrapers may also be used to remove stubborn grease clumps clinging tightly to your range hood. The cleaners may also use pressure washers if your range hood is covered in thick layers of grease.

Range hood cleaning is hard and specialized work, and that’s why it’s best left to the professionals. Look for the best range hood cleaning service in your area, GreaseBusters, and entrust that job to us. Contact GreaseBusters today for more information.

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