What Are the Grossest Areas in a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens prepare tons of food each day. Without diligent cleaning, some areas can become pretty disgusting. Make sure your commercial cleaning services tackle these often overlooked yet potentially hazardous spots.

Drains and Pipes

It’s easy to ignore what goes on down the drains. But food particles, fats, and waste build up inside pipes and along drain walls, providing breeding grounds for bacteria. Clogged drains release foul odors and attract pests. Ensure your kitchen cleaning team thoroughly flushes pipes and disinfects all drains to control germs.

Floor Grime

From spilled ingredients to scraps dropped during prep work, commercial kitchen floors take a beating. Grease, sticky foods, and stains make floors appear gross. But worse, they harbor microbes that can cause illness. Proper floor cleaning removes visible grime and disinfects surfaces. Don’t let floors become microbial hotbeds.

Refrigeration Units

Coolers and refrigerators easily accumulate food spills along with leaked juices and oozing condensation. The moist environment helps bacteria flourish. Refrigeration units need thorough scrubbing, disinfecting, and dryness checks. Ensure refrigeration cleaning is on the list during commercial hood cleaning services.

Kitchen Sinks

Like drains, sinks collect food waste and residues that breed bacteria. Sink surfaces end up coated in grimy layers of oils, mineral buildup, and soap scum. With frequent hot water use, microbes thrive in sinks. Commercial hood cleaning services should include deep-cleaning all sinks to control the spread of germs.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are necessary for capturing oils and fats. But the small chambers often become caked with thick, sticky grease, creating pungent odors. Without grease trap cleaning, the sludgy grease overflows or releases gases. Make sure exhaustive grease trap cleaning and degreasing are part of your kitchen maintenance.

Trash Cans and Storage

Even sealed trash cans accumulate drips, stains, and smells over time. Storage areas like pantries or sheds can also become magnets for pests. Be sure kitchen cleaning crews check trash and storage spaces for grime buildup and insect infestations. Don’t let these forgotten areas get gross.

Commercial Hoods

The hoods over cooking equipment are prime collection points for oily grease, smoke, and soot. This sticky buildup is a fire hazard. Regular commercial hood cleaning removes these combustible deposits before they pose risks. According to Global Market Insights, by 2028, it’s projected that the range hood market will be worth $25 billion.

A sparkling commercial kitchen starts with comprehensive cleaning services that target all areas. Ensure your cleaning company cleans the toughest spots to maintain safe sanitation standards, including commercial hood cleaning services. Consistent cleaning prevents dangerous germs from growing. Call us at GreaseBusters today to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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