What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services?

A clean kitchen is essential for any business offering kitchen services. Bacterial from your kitchen exhaust can get into food and grease particles are a fire hazard. However, when you decide you need kitchen equipment cleaning services, you’ll discover various exhaust services available. Here are some of the most common services available.

Regular Cleaning

Standard cleaning services are the most common services requested. These services involve a quick cleaning of your kitchen exhaust. Cleaners will thoroughly clean the outside of the kitchen exhaust. They may clean the area directly inside the exhaust as well. This service gets rid of the debris you can see. Your kitchen exhaust will be gleaming when they’re done.

Deep Cleaning

According to Market Watch, the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry has two main types of service: one-time cleaning, which is also called deep cleaning, and regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is a more comprehensive service. This cleaning service involves cleaning the outside and inside of your hood vent. Cleaners may remove the exhaust cover to clean any grease or debris inside the hood vent thoroughly. This is commonly done once yearly or when there’s a lot of build-up.

Compliance Cleaning

Compliance cleaning is when you must perform certain cleaning to bring your kitchen up to regulation. Health departments may inform businesses that the hood is a fire hazard or needs to be cleaner. Sometimes, the inspector will give the company a certain amount of time to bring the kitchen to code. In this situation, cleaners will review the recommendations and clean the exhaust vent to get the kitchen within regulations. Services depend on the recommendations made by the inspector.

Benefits Cleaning

Exhaust cleaning services are more than just something a business should do; they are necessary. Professional kitchen equipment cleaning services prevent fires. Excessive grease on kitchen hoods can be a severe fire hazard. Grease and bacteria are unsanitary and can drop into food if the hood is improperly cleaned. A health department can give you a code violation if there is too much grime on your vent.

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