Warning Signs of Grease Buildup in Your Commercial Kitchen

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, cafeteria, or other commercial kitchen, you know how important proper ventilation is. But it’s easy to overlook potential issues until they become serious problems. Watch out for these warning signs that indicate you need professional hood vent cleaning services.

Visible Grease Accumulation

If you can see thick layers of grease building up on the walls, ceilings, or any surfaces around your cooking equipment, that’s a major red flag. Grease residue that you can spot with the naked eye likely means there’s a whole lot more gunk you can’t see clogging up your hoods and ducts. Don’t ignore visible grease; it’s a sign you need hood vent cleaning services stat before the situation gets out of hand.

Strange Odors

Smell something funny, but can’t pinpoint the source? Unusual odors you can’t trace to a particular ingredient or food likely stem from rancid grease deposits somewhere in your ventilation system. Grease traps attract dirt and bacteria which cause bad smells over time. Trust your nose, if the odor persists for days or weeks, call in professional hood vent cleaning services.

Rodents or Bugs

Nothing kills an appetite like spotting roaches or rats around your establishment. If you notice more vermin than usual lurking around your kitchen, the cause may be grease buildup providing ideal conditions for them to breed. Rodents and insects love to munch on and nest in the filthy hardened grease and food particles stuck inside grease-clogged vents and ductwork. Bring in the pros for thorough hood vent cleaning services.

Reduced Ventilation Efficiency

Do your exhaust fans seem to run slower, or does your HVAC system feel weaker? Do steam, heat, and smoke linger longer than normal? Grease accumulation impedes airflow, so your ventilation system can’t work as designed. Regular hood vent cleaning services will remove the greasy gunk so your equipment functions properly again. Don’t let performance decline — as soon as you notice changes in ventilation power, it’s time to take action.

Lower Visibility of Pilot Lights

Having trouble reading your pilots? Hardened grease coating the glass can make pilot lights appear dimmer. Once grease starts obstructing your view, it’s likely caked on throughout the hoods and vents too. For your own safety and to avoid potential gas buildup, call professional hood vent cleaning services right away if pilot cover grime becomes an issue.

At the first sign of any of these warning indicators, pick up the phone and schedule hood vent cleaning services. Don’t let grease issues spiral out of control. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, by 2025, the global kitchen exhaust cleaning market is expected to reach $10.2 billion. With the immense value these services provide, it’s no wonder this industry is growing so rapidly. Contact GreaseBusters today to schedule a commercial kitchen cleaning appointment.

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