GreaseBusters owners are taught how to execute the same business model that has made us the industry leader for over 40 years. The training takes place at our corporate headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, and is a combination of classroom, field, and business operations training.  GreaseBusters owners stay for 5 days, and their technicians stay for 10 days. 

Classroom Training

Incoming GreaseBusters are taught the USAKES curriculum over two days. The class is taught by a Fire Marshal who is also a GreaseBuster owner.  This interactive course introduces our owners to the fire code governing the industry through the eyes of an actual Fire Marshal. 

Field Training

Your technicians will work with GreaseBusters corporate training crews for 10 days.  They’ll be exposed to a variety of different jobs and will be completing jobs on their own by the end of training.

Business Operations

You will spend time with each of our departments learning how to execute our business model.  You’ll be introduced to the systems and templates we use, and you’ll go on live sales calls. 


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