Professional Kitchen Cleaning Keeps Your Kitchen in Compliance: Here’s How

Running a commercial kitchen comes with a lot of rules and regulations to follow when it comes to cleanliness and food safety compliance. Keeping your kitchen properly cleaned is crucial for passing health inspections, avoiding food-borne illnesses, and maintaining high food quality standards. Hiring professional kitchen equipment cleaning services can take this critical task off your plate so you can focus on serving great food.

Establish a Regular Cleaning Routine

Preventing buildup before it happens is key to keeping your kitchen compliant and running smoothly. Kitchen equipment cleaning services should come in routinely, whether it’s nightly, weekly, or at another regular interval that matches your workflow. Consistent cleaning attention helps avoid stuck-on grime that’s much harder to tackle. It also reinforces good sanitation habits among your staff when they see cleaners keeping every inch of the kitchen in check from floor to ceiling. A reliable cleaning schedule is the foundation of a compliant, orderly kitchen.

Clean All Food Contact Surfaces Thoroughly

Any place that food touches must be cleaned meticulously to avoid contaminants that lead to health risks. Kitchen equipment cleaning services use commercial-grade detergents and sanitizers that penetrate and dissolve residues on food prep tables, serving counters, cookware, utensils, and more. They employ techniques like pressure washing and steam cleaning to purge all traces of dirt, oil, and bacteria hiding in cracks, seams, small spaces, and carved grout lines you can’t reach manually. Thorough cleaning of food contact surfaces is what keeps your kitchen up to health codes.

Verify Proper Technique and Chemical Use

There are very precise procedures professional cleaners must use in food service environments when it comes to what chemicals can touch certain surfaces and how long they need to sit in order to effectively sanitize. Kitchen equipment cleaning services comply with safety data sheets and legal standards for chemical handling. They also know the proper applications and dwell times required when using cleaners like chlorine, quaternary ammonium, or other sanitizers approved for commercial kitchen use. You can have confidence their methods meet guidelines for keeping your food prep areas pathogen-free.

By bringing in kitchen equipment cleaning services on a planned schedule, you can keep your kitchen up to health code compliance standards. This allows you to keep safety as a top priority while serving delicious meals. According to ZipDo, in the United States, there are over 2.4 million janitors and cleaners employed in the cleaning industry. This means you have many cleaning services to choose from. As the leading cleaners in the industry, GreaseBusters is the one to choose. Call us today for an estimate.

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