How Our Process Works


We Do It right, on time, every time

Have you been wondering, “Where can I find restaurant exhaust hood cleaning near me?” Our team at GreaseBusters can help! Our proven service method has earned industry and international certifications, and we document our performance of each job with photos and service reports that reveal the true state of your kitchen exhaust system.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning.

The GreaseBusters reputation is built on cleaning the entire exhaust system – from the rooftop fan to kitchen hood grease cleaning. We don’t just clean your system; we document it and provide pictures and feedback to ensure your system’s efficiency. If your entire exhaust system isn’t being cleaned, the remaining grease is a fire hazard that could cost you your business, cause injuries, or worse.

Job Reporting

We know our customers need to document hood cleaning services for Fire Marshals, landlords and insurance companies. Our state of the art field management platform makes reporting easy and efficient.  With a push of the button, our customers receive a report showing:

  • Date and locations serviced
  • Before and after pictures of the entire kitchen exhaust system
  • Description of the work performed, including the frequency
  • Deficiencies and recommendations
  • Reports can be either electronic or PDF
  • We can upload reports to facility management platforms, such as ServiceChannel and Corrigo

Key Program

We want to make it easy for you to schedule hood cleanings and maintain the required frequency. Many of our customers provide us with keys and lockbox codes to keep the planning simple. Your staff will go through their normal close out process and will let themselves in and lock up when their done. All keys are kept secure and must be signed for by the technician.

Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to cleaning your restaurant. Turn to us for the restaurant hood cleaning services businesses rely on.

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