Do I Have to Close the Kitchen for Commercial Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is a must for any commercial kitchen. According to Enviro USA, the presence of bacteria can increase by up to 31% every day on surfaces that aren’t regularly cleaned. Since you likely want no part in endangering your customers or your business, you must set aside time for thorough cleaning. So, should you shut things down before hiring hood and kitchen equipment cleaning services? You’ll understand why closing the kitchen is necessary after continuing below.

Closing the Kitchen Protects the Front of the House

Before your commercial kitchen can look brand new again, things will get messy first. The hood and kitchen equipment cleaning services will work through every inch of that space to ensure it’s properly sanitized. With all that work taking place, you can expect some water and cleaning agents to scatter somewhat. The last thing you want is to have those cleaning agents spill over into the front of the house.

Some cleaning agents have strong odors that could linger in the dining space. Don’t create the chance for those cleaning agents to wreak havoc in your dining room. Close your commercial kitchen to ensure they stay where they should.

Closing the Kitchen Prevents Cross-Contamination

Whenever a room is left open, it will only be a matter of time before someone enters. That same thing can happen in your commercial establishment. Of course, when someone enters your commercial kitchen at the wrong time, they may cause some issues.

Cross-contamination may occur when an unauthorized individual enters your commercial kitchen during cleaning. The occurrence of cross-contamination is a big issue, but your cleaners can resolve it. However, they may need to go over certain surfaces and equipment again to ensure they are properly cleaned. The cleaning session may take longer than necessary because you didn’t close your kitchen beforehand.

Closing the Kitchen Keeps Your Equipment Safe

Finally, you should close your kitchen before cleaning because that’s the best way to protect your equipment. The kitchen equipment cleaning services you hire will take good care of your fixtures and appliances, but other people in your establishment may not be as careful. Protect your kitchen equipment from damage by closing that area before cleaning.

Closing your commercial kitchen cleaning prior to cleaning may seem like a chore, but it’s well worth your time. Too many things can go wrong if your kitchen stays open during cleaning, and you should do what you can to avoid them. Contact us at GreaseBusters today, and we’ll ensure your commercial kitchen cleaning is handled correctly!

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