Commercial Kitchen Spring Cleaning: What Areas Need to Be Deep Cleaned?

As a restaurant or commercial kitchen owner, you know that spring is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning of your facilities. Why hire professional kitchen cleaning services to handle this yearly task? Thorough cleanings remove layers of hardened grease as well as food particles and bacteria that regular cleanings just can’t tackle. Read on to learn which areas of professional kitchen cleaning services we advise focusing on this spring.

Behind and Underneath Refrigerators and Freezers

Over time, spills and leaks can lead to buildup of dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria behind and underneath your refrigerators and freezers. Professional kitchen cleaning services use commercial-grade cleaners and tools to scrub this debris away, leaving surfaces sparkling and sanitary. A deep clean also involves moving appliances to clean all sides and vacuuming away dust bunnies from condenser coils.

Inside Ovens, Ranges, and Hood Vents

While you may spot-clean inside your ovens on a regular basis, a deep clean from professional kitchen cleaning services is different. Their powerful grease cutters dissolve caked-on food and residue for a like-new appearance. Filters inside hood vents also need detailing as grease vapors hover overhead all day. According to Global Market Insights, by 2028, it’s expected that the range hood market will be worth $25 billion.

Ceilings, Walls and Trim

Ceilings, walls, and trim are magnets for vaporized grease and food particles floating through the air. Professional kitchen cleaning services use extendable tools and ladders to reach every corner, wiping away grime and restoring your surfaces to like-new brightness. A fresh coat of washable paint is sometimes required after extreme buildup over time.

Floor Grout and Tile

From dropped utensils to overflowing pots and constant food traffic, your floors see a lot of abuse. Grease, food bits, and liquid can seep into grout lines and etch your tile. Professional kitchen cleaning services use pressure washers and foaming cleaners to lift years of abuse from floors. Grout may need re-sealing and tile repair in extreme cases of damage.

Like a breath of fresh spring air, professional kitchen cleaning services revive tired kitchen surfaces as well as hidden areas you may overlook. Their commercial-grade supplies, tools, and manpower give your kitchen the deepest clean possible. Investing this small amount of time and money protects your commercial assets and ensures the most sanitary, efficient cooking environment for staff and customers alike. Contact GreaseBusters today to schedule your spring deep clean.

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