Additional Cleaning Solutions
for Your Business

Additional Cleaning Solutions

Hinge Kits

NFPA 96 requires that all fans be on hinges. Hinges allow our crews to lift the fan and clean your ductwork without damaging the fan’s electrical wiring and without damaging the fan by placing it on the roof. We can put hinge kits on any size fan.

Access Panels

Access panels are necessary to clean the blades on certain fans and to expose the ductwork in many systems. Without access panels, many systems cannot be cleaned to NFPA 96 requirements. We can install all necessary access panels.

Roof Protection Systems / Grease Containment Systems

Exhaust fans blow excess grease on to the roof. Grease destroys the roof membrane and can void your warranty. We install and maintain a variety grease containment systems to keep your roof grease free.

Dryer Ducts

For hotels and nursing homes dryer duct maintenance is critical for fire prevention. We clean dryer ducts for some of the most well-known establishments in the country.



For +40 years, we have kept restaurants safe from grease! We value and greatly appreciate your loyalty over these years. Thank You!

Whether you’re looking for ductwork and access panel cleaning or a hood cleaning service businesses depend on, we’ve got you covered. We know you have a lot on your plate and keeping your kitchen free from the hazards of grease should not be one of them. We do this for you!. Required by NFPA regulation, “hood cleaning” involves the complete cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system from rooftop to stove top. In short, we keep your kitchen hoods grease free and safe – so YOU don’t have to. Our motto is “You Cook – We’ll Clean”.

We know that you strive to provide customers with quality food at a great value. We promise to do the same for you! You can be confident we will deliver on this promise. We are ISO 9001 quality certified, have offices nationwide, at the best price point. When your hoods are fitted with the GreaseBusters certificate the fire marshals and health departments know it is fully up to code.

Our certified technicians service thousands of kitchens from Corner Bakery, McDonald’s to the U.S. White House. We operate differently from other hood cleaners. We don’t use subcontractors. Our nationwide technicians are company trained and USAKEC certified. GreaseBusters own patented bio-degradable chemical eliminates grease and other deposits thoroughly, safely, and quickly.

Restaurant Industry

In 2012 the U.S. hospitality industry will be approaching 930,000 units and is projected to reach $632 billion in revenues (source: Restaurant Association). Clearly, this industry is an major employment and economic engine to the nation.

Each of these facilities preparing food are required to have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned at a regular frequency by a certified hood cleaning company. Do you want to be their preferred service provider? We will show you how to engage your customers and their loyalty by performing a necessary service with quality methods and tips to ensure customer satisfaction and even referrals. Remember, the heart of any restaurant is the kitchen, and the core of the kitchen is the exhaust system. It needs to be in top performance and grease free for the kitchen staff environment (e.g airflow) food quality and customer safety. Restaurant managers want their hoods to be at peak performance but they have a lot on their plate! We will train you to be their partner by taking away the worries of grease in their exhaust system so that they can focus on what they do best – providing us all with wonderful dining experience.

The best restaurants deserve an excellent hood cleaning service – The GreaseBusters!

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