4 Tips For Keeping a Pristine Restaurant Kitchen

Professional kitchen hood cleaning services are a must to keep your commercial kitchen in pristine condition. Cleanliness in a commercial restaurant kitchen is essential for food and customer safety. Here are four tips to keep your restaurant kitchen immaculate.

  1. Start With a Checklist

Most restaurant kitchens are fully staffed; in some cases, several shifts of employees come and go into the kitchen. Having a prominently posted checklist where every employee can see daily cleaning details can help keep things clean. The list should include daily duties like wiping down the kitchen hood and walls, sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, and other duties. Every shift supervisor in the kitchen should sign the checklist at the end of the shift to ensure the cleaning was done.

  1. Every Surface Should Be Sanitized Every Day

Keeping your restaurant kitchen in good condition is not only about whether it looks appealing but also about getting rid of germs that can cross-contaminate foods. That’s why sanitizing surfaces daily are important. There are sanitizing preparations made especially for commercial kitchens and they should be used every day.

  1. Don’t Forget the Walk-Ins

Regularly cycle out old foods from the walk-in refrigerator and freezer. Remove any debris that has fallen on the floor or the shelves daily. These areas are often ignored by staff or forgotten about. Keeping your commercial kitchen in order includes cleaning walk-ins and shelving regularly. If you must assign someone to clean the walk-ins daily to maintain cleanliness, do it. The refrigerator and freezer are a part of your kitchen as well, and expensive equipment needs care.

  1. Hire Professionals For These Tasks

Grease trap cleaning and kitchen hood cleaning services are two services you should leave to the professionals. According to Allied Market Research, the market value for kitchen hoods is about $37,646.2 million. Kitchen hood cleaning services help to protect your investment by reducing the risk of a devastating grease fire. Regular kitchen hood cleaning services are required by fire code in all jurisdictions.

These were just four tips to follow to keep your restaurant clean and safe for your staff and customers. If you’re looking for trusted commercial kitchen cleaning services, turn to GreaseBusters. We can keep your kitchens clean and sanitary!

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