3 Best Practices for Commercial Kitchen Hood Grease Cleaning

Do you run a commercial kitchen space? If so, you understand how important it is to keep everything as clean as possible. One of the main parts you should handle is your kitchen hood. Here are three best practices for commercial kitchen hood grease cleaning.

1. Start With the Spacers and Filters

Did you know Denmark is the cleanest country in the world, according to Enviro USA? One of the reasons why it’s so clean is because they know how to handle their kitchen, such as their hood grease catcher. The filters and spacers are the parts of the hood that trap the grease and other particles from the air. At least once a week, you should remove these parts and completely clean them with a liquid degreaser and warm water. If you have a high level of cooking in your commercial kitchen, you may need to clean it even more often than that.

2. Carefully Cleanse Traps and Cups

When grease and other liquids fall in from the filters and spacers, they fill up the traps or cups. Therefore, you should empty and clean these parts very carefully. Make sure you avoid spilling any grease in them to prevent further mess and avoid a fire hazard. Any remaining grease you clean out should be carefully disposed of. Don’t put it down the drain. Put the grease in a sealed container.

3. Get Professional Deep Cleaning

Every three months, your exhaust fan, ductwork, and hood need deep cleaning. It’s best when it’s handled by a kitchen hood grease cleaning professional service. You may need deep cleaning services even less than that, depending on the type of cooking your commercial space handles. Specialized equipment and chemicals are a must for proper deep cleaning to ensure all the grease is gone.

When managing a commercial kitchen space, take time to keep everything, including your kitchen hood grease trapper, as clean as possible. Now that you understand the best practices for keeping that part of your kitchen clean, you can avoid safety hazards and clogs. It’s best to have a professional service handle this type of cleaning for you. Luckily, we’re such a service. For over 40 years, GreaseBusters has specialized in complete kitchen hood grease cleaning services. Contact our team today to make an appointment.

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